Our Services

Carpet Cleaning

Refresh your carpets with our professional cleaning service.

Sofa Cleaning

Restore the beauty of your sofas with our specialized cleaning techniques.

Glass Cleaning

Achieve sparkling clean windows and glass surfaces with our meticulous cleaning service.

Tile Cleaning

Renew the look of your tiles with our expert cleaning and maintenance solutions.

Marble Polishing

Enhance the elegance of your marble surfaces with our professional polishing services.

Housemaid Services

Experience a well-maintained and clean home with our reliable housekeeping services.

  1. Building, apartment, office, and retail shop cleaning
  2. Window cleaning through rope access
  3. Stickers pasting through rope access
  4. Silicon filling through rope access
  5. Marble polishing
  6. Broken glass maintenance
  7. All types of floor polishing
  8. Granite crystallization
  9. Sofa shampooing
  10. Deep cleaning/one-day cleaning
  11. Home cleaning
  12. Membership cleaning
  13. Carpet shampooing
  14. Hoarding board cleaning
  15. Maid supply
  16. Parqueting restoration
  17. Staffing solution (messenger, office boy, etc…)
  18. Indoor and outdoor gardening
  19. Disinfectant service or sanitization service
  20. Vehicles cleaning